ColorBit Announces New DIY Programmable Christmas Lights

May 29, 2020

Well-known lighting company, ColorBit, has announced on its website that it has now developed a DIY programmable Christmas lights system that incorporates a powerful lighting controller that is no bigger than a keychain.

They have also developed unparalleled LED technology which features vibrant, consistent color stretching the full 30' length of the light string, the waterproof power supply, and total user control via the app – customers have a professional-looking lighting system that adds a lot to a party or simply enhances the holiday season.

Outdoor Mood lighting

The ColorBit website contains links to the products and accessories, as well as some video of the lights in question. It is possible to use a pre-designed sequence of lighting changes and animations, or a user can develop their own.

Ben Stevens, a recent customer of ColorBit, said that he has been very pleased with the lights and the new programmable system. “My family rolled their eyes at me when I ordered them because they thought it was just another one of my fads. But once I got them in and up, their attitude changed. The whole family loved them, and it wasn’t just family, either. I had complete strangers knock on the door and actually ask me where I got them! In all the years I have been putting up outdoor Christmas lights I have never had that happen.”

As noted on the ColorBit website, the controller must have a steady Wi-Fi signal at the location of use for the system to work properly and efficiently. Potential customers can visit the company’s website and check out ColorBit’s Wi-Fi configuration instructions to see the information about the requisite signal strength needed to be able to use them at the location of use.

“In these challenging and uncertain times, these lights were just a touch of enjoyment that we thought would be a really nice thing to make available to people,” said Peter Kramer, a spokesman for the company. He went on to say, “These can be used as permanent Christmas lights, which of course makes them not only very cost-effective but also significantly reduces the amount of labor associated with putting lights up at Christmas.” He added, “We will do our utmost to help customers bring a little joy and happiness into their lives with our lights.”

ColorBit also has a social media presence on Facebook. Hints and tips on getting the most out of a lighting system as well as other information can be found there. There are also submissions for creative ways that other people have used the lights. From landscape lighting around a pond or pool to lighting up a Halloween decoration – the photographs will show the many choices that are available when purchasing or using a ColorBit system.

“On the site, we are frequently asked what the best choice would be in terms of permanent Christmas or landscape lighting and of course we believe our product is the answer for this,” Mr. Kramer continued.

ColorBit gives users complete control over their decorative lighting - all from an intuitive app that works on any smartphone. ColorBit is easy-to-use whether a customer is just getting started or want to try more advanced illuminations.

ColorBit is compatible with a smart home using any type of smart outlet. It’s possible to just select “Quick Play” in the app to play preloaded animations or DIY and save custom ColorBit illuminations. Users can operate the editor and can click to customize any preloaded animations – or create their own.

For the adventurous types or those who simply know programming, it’s possible to dive into our ColorBit’s JavaScript editor to create their own animations from the ground up. People have written to us on the web and said, “We love these, we’re going to get at least three more strands,” Mr. Kramer continued. The LED light strands themselves are 30 feet long. There are “Y” connectors available which can also allow the animation to go back and forth, to switch directions and so on. The patterns and animations are mainly limited by the user’s imagination.

ColorBit is a US-based, family-owned and operated business which has specialized in bringing computerized lighting systems within the reach of all. Anyone wishing to find out more about the company itself or the lighting systems it offers can do so by visiting its website.

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