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Crafting with Customizable ColorBit RGB LED Lights

Have a craft project you want to light up? Crafting with ColorBit LED Lights is your simple answer.

Whether you want professional looking lighting or just want to customize your RGB LED lights your way, ColorBit Lighting is the craft for you.

Wherever your craft incorporates ColorBit Lights and you need something to hold the LED in place, one handy method is using adjustable nylon cable management clips. The diameter range of the clip is 0.4” to 0.6” and fits nicely along the barrel of the LED. The self adhesive pad adheres to any flat surface such as plastic, wood, glass, metal, rubber, etc. It adheres to the surface quickly and can be removed easily.

ColorBit Lights customers have used the clips on entryway decorations, art sculptures, and basketball backboards.

You’ll have smart, professional lighting in no time!

Professional Results at DIY prices with ColorBit LED Lights

DIY From Scratch

Simplified DIY

PRO Installations

Design your own system with compatible components suitable for outdoor use. ColorBit Professionally installed permanent lighting on homes and businesses.
No Programming Skills Required
No Programming Skills Required

All Animation Coding Included
All Animation Coding Included

Short Learning Curve
Short Learning Curve

No Worry Components Compatibility
No Worry Components Comparability

Confidence in Workable End Product
Confidence in Workable End Product

Plug and Play Connectors (No Soldering)
Plug and Play Connectors (No Soldering)

Non-Proprietary Components
Non-Proprietary Components

Available throughout USA
Available throughout USA

Short Lead Time for Product Delivery
Short Lead Time for Product Delivery

Applications beyond Roof Lines
Applications beyond Roof Lines

Portable Installations Options
Portable Installations Options

Product Warranty on System
Product Warranty on System

30-day Money Back Guarantee
30-day Money Back Guarantee

Increase your curb appeal with programmable ColorBit LED Lights

Tired of the same old Christmas lighting? Outdo your neighbors with programmable, permanent, ColorBit LED Lights and prepare for the onslaught of compliments!

If you're looking for permanent, year-round lighting, it's easy to install ColorBit LED Lights in holes drilled in vinyl "J-Channel".

Want a more modular modular option? ColorBit LED Lights still look great when hung with standard screw style hooks.

If drilling or adding holes to the fascia is too much or not allowed. Have no fear. ColorBit LED Lights can be installed using universal gutter and roof edge clips. For more - see FAQ.

ColorBit LED Lights Controller

Sprucing up your garden with Smart ColorBit LED Lights

ColorBit LED Lights are the perfect solution to adding customizable lighting effects to your garden.

From tree wrapping to path markings, ColorBit LED Lights are the perfect options to take you garden from good to great!

By adding smart RGB LED ColorBit LED Lights to your garden or garden artwork, you'll be able to enjoy your space even more.

These lights are awesome Papa. I can't believe you have them. They are crazy simple. Even Grandma can run them.

Jacob - Age 9

Everything is plug and play for the assembly, once the app is set up its easy to change the lighting display. It's the movement of the lights that's appealing.

Emmanuel R. - Bellevue, WA

We have used them for a football party and for a moms group event that I hosted. It is fun to play around with the colors and my kids enjoy watching them.

Rachel M. - Alpharetta, GA

The step by step instructions were easy to use. My favorite animations are twinkle and the chasing blocks, We used the editor screen the most to set custom animations and colors

Chris A. - Dallas, TX

Loved how easy it was to install and configure. Having different options and themes of lighting was exciting.

Michael R. - Scottsdale, AZ

These lights are awesome! The setup was easy plug and play and the App easily connected to the lights. Spent over an hour the first night playing with all the color combinations and animations.

Don M. - Fort Collins, CO

Professional ColorBit LED Lights will make your patio the envy of the neighborhood

Installing ColorBit LED Lights on your deck or patio takes average nights and makes them awesome nights.

With a click of a button, your deck or patio will can be transformed into the perfect party space with an amazing light show. Or set the mood with a calm relaxing glow.

Integrating ColorBit LED Lights into your deck or patio theme is fun and easy. The smart permanent lights can do it all.

Create your oasis with Customizable ColorBit LED Lights

Looking for the perfect accent to you backyard pool oasis? Look no further than the programmable RGB LED ColorBit Lights!

Create the relaxing pool environment perfect for those evening soaks with just the right accent color. Or hype up the for a swim with an energetic animation courtesy of our innovative LED lighting kits.

ColorBit LED Lights are the solution to perfecting your backyard pool oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions

The controller supports an unlimited number of animations stored on an internal SD card. The limiting factor is the SD card capacity. Our controllers ship and use a 64MB card which in theory can support over 5000 saved animations.

Additional animations can be saved by modifying the parameters of existing animations through the GUI or for advanced users by using the JavaScript API to create your own totally custom animation.

The controller SD card is pre-loaded with 21 animations to start customizing with.

Our light strings are made of industry standard LEDs which are rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use.

50,000 hours is approximately 5 1/2 years of continuous use, or 22 3/4 years if used for 6 hours every day.

Yes! Each LED is independently (no grouping of LEDs!) and can emit a different color.

The LEDs support 24bit color, allowing 16,777,216 possible colors!

They sure can be! Many of our customers start with a 30ft or 60ft kit and then add on extensions later.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the system, email us at to initiate the return process.

See the full policy details at

At 100% brightness each LED uses approximately 0.3 watts. By default the brightness is set to 25% so the normal usage is much lower.

Under normal use the controller consumes around 0.5 watts, actual usage will vary with WiFi signal strength.

Most customers use our App available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. The App discovers controllers on the local network using mDNS beacons, and launches a browser window to display the Web App exposed by the controller.

If you desire you can also browse to the IP of the controller on a computer and use the Web App from there.

Advanced users can can also take advantage of the HTTP API to control everything aspect of the controller.

The controller and lighting system has been meticulously designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

A 30ft kit will consume 0.0035 kWh. Each additional LED string added onto the controller will consume 0.003 kWh.

We believe that LED lighting be easy and fun to use. But given the myriad of options, designing your own DIY system from scratch can be daunting.

  • 5V vs 12V?
  • Stock Controller vs DIY WLED?
  • What wattage Power Supply?
  • What connectors are needed?
  • Is my system compliant with all applicable regulations?
  • What regulations do I need to comply with?

ColorBit LED Lights solve these problems for you, and allow you to have LED lighting, your way.

The Controller was custom designed from the ground up in Texas, and is fabricated in Texas as well.

The LED lights and power supplies are imported.

The number of LEDs is practically unlimited, we've had customers install up to 6,000 LEDs with no slowdown or issues. That's 6 football fields end to end!

The limiting factor is the system RAM and the time it takes to transmit the color to each LED in the string. With very very large installations, the speed of the animation may slow a bit compared to smaller installations. This is due to the transmit frequency sending the data to each LED. The more LEDs, the more data there is to transmit.

Theoretically the controller can support over 100,000 LEDs due to the RAM of the controller (8MB) and accounting for the amount used by the firmware.

Generate your ColorBit LED Lights custom kit

To generate your custom kit, we need to know how many Linear Feet you need to cover. Linear Feet is the total distance of lights you will need.

Measuring for Linear Feet is simple and easy. First measure point to point each length you want your ColorBit LED Lights to be attached to. For example if measuring a house roof line with a gable and a strait part, measure first up one side of the gable, then down the other, and finally across the strait part. Then add these measurements together.


Your Custom Kit is ready. Checkout now to begin your Simplified DIY LED Lighting Project.


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ColorBit gives you complete control over your decorative lighting all from an intuitive app. Whether you're just getting started or want to try more advanced illumination, ColorBit is easy to use.

ColorBit is compatible with your smart home using any smart outlet!

Full Spectrum LED Color
Full spectrum LED color
Waterproof Outdoor Power Supply
Waterproof outdoor power supply
Expandable Length
Expandable to any length
Programmable Animations
Programmable animations