How to Install ColorBit Lights ANYWHERE - The Ultimate Tutorial for Homeowners

November 11, 2022

This extremely detailed video from one of our founders, Tony, should help you figure out everything from how to measure for what you need, ordering, and everything you possibly need to know about installation.


Check it out here, and feel free to easily skip around to the sections you're looking by watching on YouTube.

00:00 - Introduction

01:03 - Measuring

04:28 - Ordering

06:14 - Hole Drilling Introduction

06:50 - Drill Bit Selection

08:38 - LED Bulb

09:11 - Bulb Insert Examples

10:39 - Components Test

12:04 - Hole Distance Spacing

13:12 - Vinyl Channel Selection

14:07 - Channel Hole Marking

16:04 - Drill Press Jig

16:47 - Hole Drilling

18:36 - Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes

22:01 - Installation Introduction

23:42 - Tools & Supplies

26:18 - Heat Shrinking Connectors

28:29 - LED Bulb Insertion

29:27 - Channel Joint Spacing

31:06 - Channel Installation

32:43 - LED String Trimming

33:50 - Wire Cutting & Splicing

36:04 - Running Power

36:50 - Initial Power Up

37:14 - Controller WiFi Setup

38:26 - Setting Number of LEDS

39:30 - Playing First Animation

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