About Us

ColorBit Lights LLC is a Family Owned business headquartered in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex. The Texas family owners live in Midlothian, Grapevine, and Live Oak.

​In 2017, our inventor was looking at the standard white lights strung along the roof edge and those above the pool deck. He was aware of new low cost fully addressable LED lights that could provide an array of colors and with custom coding, provide animations only limited to the imagination. 

When searching for the best controller for the RGB LED light string, he saw only limited capabilities in the existing products and was dismayed over the lack of choice and ease of operation. 

In talking with family members, they developed various applications of the lights beyond the pool/patio such as permanent Christmas lights, year-round home accents, craft lighting, etc

ColorBit worked to create a smart app-controlled, customizable lighting solution that is vibrant, beautiful, and fun to use.