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Hardware Installation and Considerations


Hardware instructions and considerations

  1. ColorBit Controller Placement
    1. The controller must be placed at one end of the string of lights.  The controller will only fit at one end of lights by design. It cannot be installed in the middle or at the end of the string with a connector that does not fit.  If it is desired to have the controller and power connection at a specific end, ensure that it is laid out to accommodate that need.
    2. The controller must have a steady wifi signal at the location of use to work properly.  Refer to the ColorBit Wifi Configuration instructions to see the signal strength at the location of use.
    3. The controller has a red Indicator Light that can be seen through the case.  It is recommended that the controller be positioned so that the light can be seen to assist in confirming power status if the system ever needs to be restarted.
  2. ColorBit Power Supply Placement
    1. A ColorBit power supply must be connected at the ColorBit Controller to ensure that it has adequate power to perform all functions.  An underpowered controller may automatically reboot or may result in a never ending loading screen on the user interface screen or be unreachable from the App
    2. A ColorBit power supply must be connected for every string installed but may be spaced out.  This means that for an installation with one lighting kit and one extension kit, one power supply must be connected at the controller and the second power supply can either be connected in between the two strings or at the end of the second string.  Colorbit works on 5 volt direct current (VDC) technology. Using direct current leads to a drop in voltage over distances which can lead to color changes along very long strings of lights. Using one ColorBit Power supply for each string will prevent power issues.
    3. Power Injector cables are inline connectors and can be moved as needed to accomodate power supply locations
  3. DC power extension cables along the string
    1. It is recommended that the ColorBit power supply be mounted close to the lights to minimize power loss.  In the event that it is not possible or not desired to have the power supply located close to the lights, a DC power extension cable can be used.  Multiple different lengths of Heavy Duty DC power extension cables are available in the ColorBit store for purchase. It is recommended that only ColorBit cables are used to ensure proper quality and sizing to prevent power issues.
  4. Heat shrink
    1. For outdoor use or for high moisture areas it is recommended to use ColorBit heat shrink to protect exposed connections.  The heatshrink included with each lighting and extension kit is marine grade and includes a special adhesive which creates a strong water resistant seal. 
    2. The heat shrink should be used on all DC power connections and on the black connectors at the end of each string.  Refer to the heat shrink instructions for images and directions for creating the best seals
  5. Light Strings
    1. Untwisting - On delivery the lights will arrive packaged in bundles.  All lights can be untwisted to ensure they all hang in the same direction if that is desired.  
    2. Mounting - It is recommended that ColorBit lights mounted to surfaces using temporary removable mounts similar to what would be used for holiday or patio lighting.  The product weight is approximately 1.5lbs for 30ft of length. To achieve a consistent look, it is recommended to have the product mounted approximately every 12 inches.  
    3. Extra Adhesive - During the manufacturing process, sometimes excess adhesive can be found between the two wires on the back of an LED.  In case of this, the wires can gently be pulled apart and extra adhesive be broken off and removed.
    4. Discoloration - Extended use in direct sunlight will lead to slight discoloration of the LED shells.  This will not affect the color of the lighting nor performance of the product.
    5. Length Changes - The strings will slightly change length with temperature changes so this should be considered when mounting in warm weather that there will be some shortening on cold days and vise versa if mounted on cold days there will be some lengthening on warm days.
    6. Custom lengths - Although the design of the product does allow the string to be cut between any LEDs, this is not a recommended nor supported configuration of the ColorBit product.
  6. Smart Home Compatibility
    1. The ColorBit product can be used with your preferred home smart speaker or smart home network with the addition of a smart outlet of your choice.  ColorBit has an option to have any animation of your choice start upon powerup using the Autostart Animation option in the Controller Settings Screen.  Scheduling the smart outlet on and off times will therefore start and end your animations as desired.
  7. Wye connector splitter
    1. Wye connectors are available in the ColorBit Store to split a string into two strings with parallel animations.  
    2. It is recommended to have a power injector located immediately before a Wye connector splitter to ensure that there is minimal power loss going down both branches of lights

DIY Roofline Installation Options

ColorBit Lights creates holiday and all occasion lighting that is breathtaking for both residential and commercial properties. The roofline is one of the most popular locations to hang ColorBit Lights to make a big impact by instantly highlighting the entire property.

While some customers prefer keeping it simple for seasonal displays, others want to go above and beyond to deliver a longer-term installation that is tailored for their home or business. To make sure your lights hang just right and hold tight across your gutters, shingles, or eaves, it helps to begin with a plan.  

Customers have several options to attach ColorBit Lights along the roofline of their home, business, or other structures. Here are several mounting options from simple short term installations to more complex longer-term installations.

Easy No Holes Mounting - All-purpose light clips make installation easy and are designed to work without poking holes in your roofing or trim. Light strings attach to the clip through wire guides to securely hold lights with no forcing or twisting. Clear universal gutter and shingle Christmas light clips snap on gutters or flip around to slide under shingles.

Gutters Only Mounting - Choose gutter hooks to quickly hang lights along your gutters. Purchase S-shaped gutter hooks at the home improvement store or from Amazon, and hang them up by pressing the top part of the S into the gutter, with the rest of the hook resting on the front. When you’re ready to hang the lights, simply use the bottom part of the S as a hook and string the wire of the lights into each hook. Gutter hooks are placed every 6 inches along the gutter to position the light strings.

Quick Staple Mounting - Light strings can be stapled under the eaves.  Use a staple gun with ¼-in. staples to attach the string lights. Keep the string centered and make sure you don’t staple through the wiring!  With the light string unplugged from the power supply, pull the cord taut, but not tight, and continue stapling the string lights along your path. You may also use electrical staples to secure the cord of the string lights. However, if you use staples always ensure that they are the type designed to be used with electrical wiring.

Simple Hook Mounting - When hanging your string lights, you might find it is easier to simply use small hardware cup hooks. The hooks are screwed in the wood at 12-inch intervals under the eaves, zip ties can be used to secure the light string to the cup hooks.

Roofline LED Light InstallationVinyl J-Channel LED Light Mounting

Professional Looking “Hidden” Mounting - For a more professional look, you can install ColorBit Lights using a vinyl j-channel. Drill 12mm holes in the channel facing down (the max distance between the holes should be no more than 85mm center to center).  Install the j-channel behind the fascia board using wood screws with the hole facing down. Insert the LED bulbs through the hole in the j-channel until they “click” into place. Power cords can be tucked in the channel as well for a professional look. This installation used 1-1/2 inch j-channel.

LED Christmas Light InstallationOutdoor LED Light InstallationHome LED Light InstallHome Lighting InstallationExterior LED Christmas Light installation

All installation hardware and supplies are available at your local hardware stores or J-channel is available at your local vinyl supply center.

Connecting Vertical Separate Roof Lines - For extending continuous light strings vertically between different roof sections, customers have used 3 Pin JST SM Male Female Plug LED Connector Cable. The cables allow for jumps from one section to the next level to avoid lights in places they shouldn’t be. Various lengths are available that plugs directly into the end of the Light Strings.

Field Customizing String Length - Although we don't recommend cutting and splicing as it will void the warranty, it is possible with the design.  When adjusting a light string length at the end of a roof elevation run, you may choose to cut off the excess bulbs and splice on a new female end. If you are a few bulbs short, you may choose to insert a few bulbs.  The light string is directional (data flows in only one direction along the string - from the male end to the female end) but the string design does allow for cutting and splicing between any bulb for insertion use either a male or female 3 Pin JST SM Plug LED Connector. The key items to keep in mind are that the data flow along the string of lights is directional so the type of connectors on a piece of string cannot be reversed when using small sections of lights. The second key item is to make sure that the different pins on the connectors match the correct wires in the same orientation as the factory. Therefore, look for the white line on one of the outer wires and splice to the white wire of the connector.  Next connect the middle wire with the green middle wire on the connector together. Finally, connect the remaining outside wire to the remaining wire of the connector. Customers have reported good results using Dolphin DC-100S Super B Connector w/Sealant. Here is a video on how to use the B connector: Email if you have any questions, we are here to help!

These are several options customers have used to install ColorBit Lights to their rooflines. You may find other mounting and installations options that work for your specific project. We hope this helps you to be ready for the holidays with your DIY Christmas Lights project. Make this a fabulous holiday season with ColorBit Lighting.

The following Amazon Links are for examples of products described in the article. Similar items may be available at your local hardware stores.  

Clear Universal Gutter and Shingle Christmas Light Clips:

S-shaped gutter hooks

Cup Hooks

3 Pin JST SM Male Female Plug LED Connector Cable

3 Pin JST SM Plug LED Connector

Dolphin DC-100S Super B Connector w/Sealant

Pool Accent Lighting Installation

Installing Pool Accent Lighting

Installing string lights around your pool can seem to be a daunting project.  While there are different ways of hanging lights around the pool, you should choose one that works with your pool surroundings and you are comfortable installing.  Plan ahead and take your time.  A number of youtube videos are available to learn tips on string light guy wire installations. It is pretty simple for a DIYer.

Guy Wire Parts - LED Light Install

While this is not a complete step by step guide, it should provide enough detail for you to take on your DIY project.  Hopefully this installation approach will spark ideas for you to use in installing lights around your pool or deck.  You may need to adapt this installation to your specific layout and use alternate materials as you see fit.

My String Light Installation

After watching various youtube videos, I decided to run the string lights around the pool at about a nine foot height between the house and light poles.  Since I am leaving the pool lights up year round, I used wire rope between the house and light poles for extra support on the light string wires and to provide a more uniform professional look with no sagging.

One key component of the installation is determining the type of support for the light string.  I affixed the light string ends to the house structure and installed three powder coated  3” by 3” by 16 gage steel tubes (light poles) at 30 feet intervals, more or less.  I bought the light poles at the local iron supplier and had them powdercoated.  I drilled a 1/2” hole at ground level and at the top to run my low voltage DC 5V Extension cords.  I also drilled two holes through the top of the light poles to insert a threaded 1/4” eye bolt. I concreted the poles in the ground and placed a polypropylene cap on top to keep rain out.  It is not watertight but eliminates most of the rain from getting inside the tube.

The guy wire I used was 1/16” wire rope. 

Backyard Pool LED Lights

I began at the house and ran the wire rope to each light pole and back to the house forming a quasi semi-circle.  At the house, I made sure I had a solid anchor to the structure using an eye bolt.  I then attached the 1/16” wire rope to the eye end of the hook and eye turnbuckle and fastened the wire rope with the 1/16” wire rope clamps. (Tip: fully extend the turnbuckle so you have the greatest ability to tighten the wire after installation).  Use the hook end to connect to the eye bolt on the house.   I ran the wire rope to the first light pole.  I cut the wire about a foot longer than required so I had enough wire to grab onto as I fed the wire through the eye bolt on the light pole.  Once tight, I used the 1/16” wire rope clamps to secure the wire.  I cut off the excess wire rope and tightened the turnbuckle until the wire was taut.  Next, I continued installing the rope wire around the poles and back to the house structure using this same method.  Each span was 30 feet, more or less, to coincide with extending power to each light strand.

Light Pole for LED Light Installation

For electrical power, the previous homeowner had placed electrical outlets spread around the pool already. All three outlets were controlled by a with in one location.  I replaced the existing switch box with a waterproof one and installed a Wemo smart switch.  I can now control the outlets with my phone, Alexa or manually.  They can also be scheduled for automatic on/off cycles.

I then measured the distance around the pool where I wanted the string lights to hang.  The guy wire length was 90 feet around.  I got one ColorBit Lighting Kit-60ft, one Extension String Kit and two 4 meter (13.1ft) DC power Extension Cables.  This was everything I needed for my install.  

I connected the components together according to the instruction and began to affix the light string to the wire rope.  I untwisted the light string wires so all the LED bulbs hung in one direction.  I did this by first stretching the wires and then from one end untwist them.  This allowed the light string to “flatten” against the wire rope as the zip ties were tightened.  I used a zip tie between the LEDs to hold them tight against the wire rope.  This may have been excessive but seemed like the best way to keep the lights looking uniform.  Next, I inserted the power injector between the successive light strings.  I used the heat shrink to waterproof the connections and zip ties to obtain consistent LED spacing.

I plugged in a power supply and connected to the controller according to the instructions provided with the kits. I plugged the other two power supplies in the outlets and used the DC Extension Cables to run into the steel tube at the bottom and out at the top.  I plugged the extension cable into the power injector to power each string.  I use the heat string to waterproof all the connections.  I used zip ties to affix the DC extension cables to the wire rope as needed for a neat appearance.

Pool Accent Lighting | LED Pool Lights

I followed the instructions provided in the kit on downloading the app and making the wifi connection.  I changed the settings to 300 LEDS (3 light strings long).  And I was ready to enjoy my ColorBit LED Lighting System around my pool.

LED Pool Accent Lighting


Wifi Setup and Configuration

To get started, download the ColorBit Light Discovery App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store! Then, download and follow the installation guide for your device.



Download on the App Store

App Navigation

Click on the Quickplay tab to play any of the ColorBit Animations

Once you are ready to customize your light string, click over to the Editor tab

In Editor, choose any of the animations to fully customize!

Change the number of blocks or builders to bring a bigger string of animations together

Edit your colors to match the exact RGB Values of your favorite team!

Slow down the animations for dramatic effects

Once you have what you are looking for, click save and play your new custom illuminations!


To completely dive into a custom animation, Navigate to the Javascript coder by choosing the menu on the top right of the app, and choose Create Animation.