Start your own light show.

Ready to make a big impact? Start with ColorBit Lights 90ft DIY Package and bring the party to life.

Add color to your space

Add ColorBit Lights and upgrade your space with a custom-built kit that has all the materials you need to create an illuminated masterpiece.


A complete kit for installation.

Install with ease, with everything you need! ColorBit Lights DIY Packages are custom made from high-quality materials in the USA. The package includes a ColorBit Lights 90ft kit, as well as all of the vinyl channel with 12mm holes every 91.5 mm (3-5/8") ready to mount it to your home, office, or building. We've got you covered with stainless steel screws included.

Save money and time with DIY installation.

Get the perfect look without hiring a professional. Our DIY install saves you time and money, with professional results. We've got 12mm holes every 91.5 mm (3-5/8"), which are perfect for ColorBit Lights. We've also included stainless steel screws and Vinyl Channel Bundles to match the length of your project needs.

Create a custom lighting system for your space

Create the perfect custom lighting setup for your space with this ColorBit DIY Package. Perfect for residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Build out an entire room or just a small corner. Includes everything you need to get going—lights, screws, and J-channel to get it done right!

This 90ft Package includes:

1 x ColorBit Lights 90ft Kit (Includes ColorBit Lights Controller, 2 x Power Supply, and 90ft / 300 LED Light String)

1 x ColorBit Vinyl Channel 90ft Bundle (Includes 16 x 6ft Vinyl Channel and Stainless Steel Screws)

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