Crafting with LED Lights - ColorBit!

Have a craft project you want to light up? Crafting with LED lights like ColorBit is likely the simple answer.
Whenever your craft  incorporates ColorBit Lights and you need something to hold the LED in place, one handy method is using adjustable nylon cable management clips.  The diameter range of the clip is 0.4” to 0.6” and fits nicely along the barrel of the LED.  The self adhesive pad adheres to any flat surface such as plastic, wood, glass, metal, rubber, etc,  It adheres to the surface quickly and can be removed easily. 
ColorBit Lights customers have used the clips on the lighted star, yeti and basketball backboard applications.  Photos below show the installation process and finished LED craft product.
A Star
Crafting with LED Lights - Light Up Star
The Yeti
Basketball BackBoard
Clips to hold LEDs in place: