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more details about the lights

What colors do the lighting string wires come in?

Our light strings come in black, but let us know if you would like to see other colors in the future!

What is the lifespan of the lights?

Our LEDs have a general life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

How bright are the lights/ how many Lux do they emit?

Each individual bulb is composed of 3 LEDs, one for each color (red, green, blue). Lux value varies on the amount of each color emitted. Our internal measurements of each color, and for all colors (white) for a single led:

Red: ~700

Green: ~1300

Blue: ~1900

White: ~3000

The measurement was taken at 3cm from the diffuser with no angle and with default color corrections removed and brightness set to MAX.

What is the longest run one of the plugin controllers can handle?

One of our controllers can manage a continuous string of any length of lights. Power is required to be injected into the string every 60ft to maintain consistent colors.

Are you able to cut and splice within the length of the string of lights?

Although we don't recommend cutting and splicing as it will void the warranty, it is possible with the design. The light string is directional (data flows in only one direction along the string) but the string design does allow for cutting and splicing between any bulb for insertion of spacing wires. Care must be taken to ensure that there isn't too much of a voltage drop due to additional wire lengths. We have some user reports of good results using dolphin crimp connectors.

What is the return policy?

Our return policy is here. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee for any material returned in like-new condition!

How does ColorBit compare to other programmable LED light systems?

    That is a terrific question and we are so glad you asked. We just so happen to have this cool comparison to show you!

not sure what i need

Buying Guide

If I were to purchase one 60 ft starter kit, do I need to purchase any other items?  or does that kit contain everything one will need? (plug and play)

Yes, our 60ft starter kit does come with everything you need to get going and is plug and play. The only accessory that some people like to add on with their initial purchase is one of our DC extension cables depending on where the outlets are that they want to use, but those extension cables can be added at any time in the future if desired and are not needed to get started.

I have a large area to cover and would like to somehow see the lights and how they work before purchasing. Are they available in stores?

ColorBit products are available exclusively online. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to remove the risk of trying them out!

Can I expand my ColorBit in the future?

Absolutely! Additional ColorBit strings can be added at any time. The number of LEDs setting needs to be updated in the controller settings screen and then you are good to go. We recommend using the extension kit which contains a power supply, 30' string of lights, and an inline power connector. The individual parts are also available in our store.

technical difficulties

Can the App control multiple controllers?

Yes, the ColorBit App can control multiple controllers for multiple strings at the same time. Each controller must be started individually.

What happens if new firmware becomes available?

Simply update the ColorBit App on your smart device. Make sure the controller is power on. Go into the app and click on the controller, and navigate to Info via the menu on the side. When a firmware update is available, an icon will appear next to the firmware version. Click on the icon to initiate the update. It may take several minutes for the update to download and install. Once installed, you will be able to enjoy the new features.

What to do if not all lights are turning on?

When multiple Extension Kits are used, make sure the number of LEDs is set up correctly in the app. The number of LEDs in the settings is all that will turn on. For example, if you have it set to 100 LEDs, only the first 100 LED lights will work, no matter how many LED lights you have strung together.

What to do if ColorBit stops responding?

Try closing the app and then opening the app. If that does not work, unplug all power supplies and wait 30 seconds before plugging back in.

What if my Controller keeps dropping connection?

Check your wifi connection. The Controller and your phone must be connected to the same home wifi network. Ensure that you have a strong home wifi signal at the location of the Controller and your phone when using the app. A good wifi signal from your home network is required to function properly.

after step 4 on the setup guide, the WIFI configuration screen doesn't appear. What should I do?

Some personal devices will automatically switch back to the original home wifi network too fast before the screen shows up. In that case, you can log out of your home wifi on your phone or tablet you are using for setup, connect to ColorBit wifi, complete steps 4 and 5, and then log back into your home wifi on your phone or tablet.

I have questions on the install and how to best set it up. Is there anyone I can talk to if I have further questions?

Yes, we are here to help! Please send any questions to and let us know if you would prefer to discuss over the phone and we will be happy to set up a time to discuss with you.