Programmable Christmas Lights

Programmable Christmas lights are lights that can be customized online and then displayed when the program is run on the string of lights.

They can set custom color schemes, they can change between colors smoothly, and they’re programmable in a variety of ways. The strings of programmable Christmas lights come in many shapes and forms: there are ones that work like an old school VCR remote (dial in the program you want), Bluetooth-enabled strands with smartphone apps to control them, and even Wi-Fi-enabled LED modules you can program through your web browser or app - whatever you want to use to get it done.

With ColorBit Lights, we program the lights for you, being easily controlled from a smartphone. They come pre-programmed with several animations and the most popular colors, but you can completely customize the colors and animations to do exactly what you want!

Programmable Christmas lights are often used as a functional decoration for whatever holiday is coming up: Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. More commonly though they’re used as a showpiece - some programmable Christmas light videos on YouTube have gone viral, making the programmable Christmas lights into something of a sensation. People do all kinds of stuff with programmable Christmas lights, from animating large graphics to synchronizing the display with music.

ColorBit Lights are programmable LED light strands that can be set to display any color or animation. These programmable Christmas lights are designed for indoor and outdoor use, making them perfect for people looking to decorate their homes with programmable Christmas lighting.

ColorBit programmable lights come in 30 ft. strands, allowing you to program your own custom length of lights on one strip. Whether you need programmable Christmas lights on the roof of your house or along the top of your fence, ColorBit has a solution that will work for you!

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People love programmable lights because they are easily controlled. Moreover, you can program them to turn on and off whenever you want or program different patterns that will create a certain atmosphere in your home since you can adjust their brightness too! The best part? You can program them however you like. So if someone feels adventurous enough to try out some custom-designed patterns, go ahead!

The programmable Christmas light is a rather recent invention, and it’s actually the programmable color-changing Christmas light. When you program these lights to change colors at pre-set times, they create an amazing visual effect that will make your house stand out from everyone else’s.

Although programmable Christmas lights are still pretty new, they’re already becoming a fan favorite. A programmable light strand basically consists of two parts: the actual lights themselves and an LED controller box. You plug the controller box into any regular power outlet, then plug in your string of programmable Christmas lights into the other end.

There is literally an endless number of ways you could go about programming these programmable Christmas lights. The possibilities really do seem endless.

LED Programmable Accent Lighting For Christmas

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Programmable Christmas lighting has become bigger and better as time goes on due mainly to technological advances in LED light strand control technology – allowing the consumer greater flexibility and more creative freedom than before. Programmable LED lights are a great way to add some color and excitement to your holiday, program them how you like it!