ColorBit Lights Offers Programmable Outdoor Christmas Lights

September 08, 2020

August 25, 2020

Dallas, Texas area based ColorBit Lights is pleased to announce the launch of a new programmable outdoor Christmas light system builder. They launched this tool along with a thorough guide on how to properly set up and customize such a system according to each user's preferences, their property, budget and specific needs. Learn more here: Build Your Programmable Outdoor Christmas Light System.

Peter Kramer of ColorBit Lights states, "We are very happy about the launch of this tool, as we worked for awhile to get it just right. This tool was created entirely with our customers’ convenience in mind, helping them choose and build the Christmas light system of their dreams."

Comparison to other holiday house light systems

The company states that their new light system builder lets customers enter the number of linear feet that they need to cover as well as the project type. Once submitted, the system processes the request and automatically outputs a recommendation that includes the correct amount of components they need to buy for their holiday lights. They can choose to check out at this point, change the specifications or select additional components to complement the holiday lights.

Kramer states, "This is the most convenient way to shop online for programmable color changing LED Christmas lights. Our products are among the best out there, and in combination with this new tool, our customers should have no doubt when it comes to whether or not they should choose to buy from us. Our customer service team can still be reached in the event they have any further inquiries about this new tool and our products. However, the system builder should be easy enough to use and understand for users of all ages."

ColorBit Lights asserts that their programmable Christmas lights are of the highest quality that can be found on the market. They feature LEDs with a general light expectancy of 50,000 hours, with a remarkable intensity that ranges from 700 to 3,000 lumens for each LED (depending on the color). While these light systems are meant as permanent Christmas lights, they can be moved around, taken down and used in other locations with minimum hassle.

In addition, customers will be pleased to find that their options for customization are by no means limited in nature. For instance, they note that one of their controllers can manage a continuous string of any length of lights (given certain precautions). Additionally, they add that, while this voids the warranty, their light string's design allows for cutting and splicing between any bulb for extra wire spacing, so long as care is taken to ensure that there is not too much of a voltage drop due to additional wire lengths.

“Our RGB Christmas lights are among the best programmable Christmas lights on the market, offering advantages and benefits that none of our competitors do,” states Kramer. He notes that these lights do not require programming skills to set up (they come with all animation codes included), lowering the learning curve necessary to program the lights. Additionally, ColorBit Lights’ Christmas lights do not feature proprietary components, which, along with their plug and use feature, make them far more convenient than other options.

ColorBit Lights ships their product throughout the US, offering one of the shortest delivery times possible. Their system comes with portable installation options and a product warranty, through which the company offers their customers a 30-day money back policy.

ColorBit Lights’ systems are widely popular among enthusiasts of Christmas decorations. The company possesses several customer reviews that attest to the quality of their products, including a comment written by Jay Vics, who says, "I put the ColorBit lights on my deck. The app is really simple to use, and I love sitting outside in the evening and either playing with the different built-in animations, customizing them or just enjoying the beautiful ambience they add to my little backyard oasis. These lights are awesome, and I think my neighbors want a set now too!"

The company's website offers more details on ColorBit Lights and their products. Interested parties can find thorough descriptions of these lights and how they work on the comprehensive FAQ section listed on the site as well. Additionally, the company can also be reached through their social media pages.

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