The One Decoration You Need for Every (Holi)Day

August 08, 2020 2 Comments

Light up your holiday home decor with ColorBit Lights!

Decorating your home for any season and occasion doesn't have to involve the painstaking task of packing and unpacking seasonal decor throughout the year. ColorBit LED Lights can be a permanent decoration solution that lets you save on time, physical labor, and storage space during every holiday season. These vibrant, high-quality lights are easily customized for any occasion so you can seamlessly redecorate your home from season to season - with no boxes, ladders, or stress required. Learn more about ColorBit LED Lights, and how you can use these colorful light kits to decorate your home for any holiday or occasion:

What Are ColorBit LED Lights?

ColorBit LED Lights can be a permanent or temporary lighting solution that combines advanced technology with creative customization. Breaking away from the norm of standard-colored stringed lights, ColorBit LED Lights can adjust to any color and animation you choose through a user-friendly app. All ColorBit LED Light Kits come with advanced features, including:

Limitless Color Options

ColorBit's signature technology lets you select any color you can imagine for your light display. You can choose your perfect color in the app's detailed color settings, which features both HEX and RGB color visual editors. The LED lights are designed to display unique hues with brightness, clarity, and detail. You can also experiment with color combinations to truly personalize your light display.

Unique Patterns and Animations

Perfect for any holiday or festive occasion, ColorBit LED Lights are easily programmable with fun patterns and unique designs. The ColorBit app contains many selections of preloaded animations, or you can create your own to perfectly fit your vision.

Custom Editor

ColorBit LED Light Kits come with detailed installation instructions, so you can easily begin creating your custom light display from your iOS or Android device. ColorBit's app is user-friendly, yet equipped with advanced technology, making it simple to adjust your color and animation settings.

Wi-Fi Controlled

All it takes is standard Wi-Fi to customize your lights' settings at your fingertips. You can adjust the settings from anywhere in your home - without any excess cords, cables, or buttons to stand in your way.

How Can I Decorate My Home with ColorBit LED Lights?

ColorBit LED Lights were designed with seamless holiday transitions in mind, as you can easily customize colors and patterns at your fingertips. While you can use your ColorBit Light Kit to create an everyday mood that suits your personal taste and decor, you can also use these lights to transform your home with imaginative light shows and creative color combinations to celebrate virtually any holiday and occasion. Consider these fun holiday and special occasion ideas to unleash the potential of your ColorBit LED Light Kit:

Valentine's Day

Surprise your sweetheart with beautiful hues of red, pink, and purple to make Valentine's Day a truly memorable occasion. You can use your lights to set the perfect scene and create a romantic mood virtually anywhere in or outside your home.

St. Patrick's Day

Avoid getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day by decorating your home in virtually any shade of green you choose. ColorBit's custom color selectors give you limitless potential for your emerald-colored light displays to celebrate this Irish occasion.


Brighten up your Easter egg hunt and family festivities with gentle pastel shades of yellow, pink blue and green. Unlike traditional colored lights, ColorBit allows you to customize your colors to match the soft colors of Easter or the unique designs on your colored Easter eggs. 

Fourth of July 

Show off your red, white, and blue proudly with a custom light display that can rival even the most vibrant fireworks. ColorBit lights shine brightly during day or night, making them the perfect backdrop for your July 4th barbecue or late-night celebrations.


Make your house the most loved - or most feared - on Halloween with a custom light display that will intrigue trick-or-treaters and spooky thrill lovers alike. Experiment with haunting dark colors or a classic orange hue to help set the scene for your Halloween decor. 


Impress your entire family with a custom light display that reflects your favorite holiday colors. ColorBit not only allows you to decorate your home for Thanksgiving, but you can also get the kids involved by letting them choose their own colors for dinner time ambiance.


Create your dream Christmas light display with an assortment of merry colors and light patterns to make your home truly stand out in your neighborhood. Because ColorBit lights can stay up year-round for custom displays, you don't have to worry about boxing up your lights once the holiday is over.

Other Holiday Occasions

Share your passion for other winter holidays like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa by customizing your light display with colors that you can't easily find in traditional lights at holiday decoration stores.

New Year's Eve

Start the new year off right with a setting of twinkling, champagne-colored lights that sparkle in the midnight darkness. These light kits are ideal for a quiet celebration at home, or a dazzling party to ring in the new year.

The Four Seasons

Make seasonal decorations a breeze by adjusting your colors to match the four seasons. ColorBit LED Lights look gorgeous with bright pops of color for spring, and elegant with the earthy gold and yellow tones associated with fall. 

Super Bowl Sunday

Traditional holiday lights are available with limited color options, but ColorBit's customizable technology allows you to create the signature color combination of your favorite football team. Represent your team's colors with pride on Super Bowl Sunday as a sign of good luck and team spirit.

Local Sporting Events

Root on your hometown's local sports teams by lighting up your home with their special colors. It's an easy way to show your pride without breaking out the signs, paint, and glitter - and your local athletes will appreciate the support.

Birthday Parties & Special Occasions

Take your party decorations to the next level by creating a personalized LED light display that is a unique reflection of your honored guest. ColorBit lights are universal, making them an eye-catching backdrop for any themed event you may host.

Child Entertainment

Kids love colors, and you can bring their imaginations to life by helping them create their own special light displays with their favorite colors. It's a great way to keep your children entertained and spark their creativity. 

Pool Parties & Outdoor Celebrations

Make your pool shine with colorful displays that illuminate the water and create a beautiful reflection. ColorBit LED Lights look stunning on any pool and patio - and they are safe to use in outdoor and pool-front environments.

Mood Lighting

Sometimes it's nice to brighten up your home without any special occasion. You can use ColorBit lights to set the mood, enhance your decor, impress your guests, or stimulate your visual senses.

Why ColorBit?

ColorBit's LED Lights are the future of holiday decorating. These innovative light kits break the mold on classic holiday lights that have been used tirelessly for decades while unleashing the creative potential of your decorating capabilities. ColorBit LED Lights deliver a unique experience and unsurpassed light quality. Learn more about the ColorBit difference:


ColorBit's color selector allows you to set your lights to virtually any color, opening the door for you to express your personality and creativity through your decorations. Whether you prefer bright and flashy holiday displays or peaceful mood lighting that elevates your ambiance, you can create the perfect light display that speaks to your unique style.

Value & Efficiency 

Rather than buying standard-colored lights that burn out and wind up at the bottom of your holiday decoration storage, ColorBit LED Lights can stay up year-round with impressive colors that won't fade during the season. By investing in a quality, affordable light solution, you can save yourself from unnecessary labor and disposable costs.

Family Owned & Designed in the USA

Quality comes first when it comes to ColorBit LED Lights. As a family-owned, proud American business, ColorBit Lights were designed and are supported right in the heart of Texas. Your satisfaction and light decorating experience are top priorities to the devoted team at ColorBit.

Unique Settings

These light kits are designed by creative minds, for creative minds. ColorBit technology delivers features you simply can't find anywhere else, including custom animations, limitless color options, and the ability to program your own display from scratch.

Perfect for All Homes

ColorBit LED Light Kits come in various sizes, and the lights can be installed to fit the shape of virtually any room or decor piece. The lights look picture-perfect in small apartments, waterfront homes, and large living spaces. These versatile lights can also be used to decorate lawn ornaments, boats, gates, pools, and other fixtures.

Premium Quality 

ColorBit sets a new standard in home light decorating systems. Each light has the capacity to illuminate any color on the spectrum with vibrancy and brightness. ColorBit's power supplies are waterproof and weatherproof, so they can withstand most outdoor conditions. Your light kit is completely expandable to any length, so you can decorate your custom space with the confidence of quality.

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Neon Attack
Neon Attack

April 04, 2023

This blog post is a great resource for anyone looking for a versatile and festive decoration that can be used for any holiday. The author suggests using color-changing LED lights, which can be easily customized to match any holiday color scheme. I appreciate how the author provides specific examples of how these lights can be used for different holidays, such as red and green for Christmas or pink and red for Valentine’s Day. The accompanying photos are helpful in showcasing how these lights can add a fun and playful touch to any home decor. Overall, this post is a great reminder of how a simple decoration like LED lights can go a long way in creating a festive atmosphere for any holiday. Visit: –


October 10, 2022

Hi there, we are in California. Trying to get an idea of cost range for a 1400 sq ft house

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